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As a charity, we rely on fundraising to help us give our young people the opportunity to borrow an amazing and sustainable outfit for their formal event. 

We have a Just Giving page where you can make a donation.


We also actively look for opportunities to apply for grant funding and match funding from local and national organisations.   Do contact us if you can signpost sources of funding or support in kind.

Special thanks go to Alloa Round Table for their generous seed funding which helped us get off the ground in 2022, to Affinity Sterling Mills for gifting us a shop, furnished by Sterling Home, to host our first appointments in March 2023, and Clackmannanshire Council Education and Learning who helped find temporary storage whilst we searched for a more permanent home, and to Virgin Foundation, for grant funding.  

Huge thanks to ACE Furniture and More, based in Alloa who provide us with storage and appointment spaces, and who have given us a permanent home.  Our goals of sustainability align with theirs, and we can continue to reduce landfill and promote sustainable fashion with their valuable assistance. 

Give a donation using Just Giving
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