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  • How do I request an appointment?
    Click on the link on the web page, then complete the Appointment Request Form. Once we receive your form, we will confirm your appointment time via text.
  • Who will be at the appointment?
    There will always be two volunteers from STYLE Options to help you at your appointment. You can chose if these should both be female or one male and one female on the Appointment Information Form.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Yes of course you can, though we would ask no more than 3 people come with you.
  • How many outfits can I choose from?
    That depends on how much stock we have, but we will try to give you choices where we can.
  • Can I keep the outfit?
    We want to help save the planet and believe in sustainability so it’s important to us that we reuse all the outfits we loan out. We ask that you return the outfit after your event. Details on how to do this will be in your bag when you take away your outfit.
  • Why do you need my information?
    We have limited stock since we are a charity, so we want to try our best you get the perfect outfit for you. Having information like your size, height and preferred colours will help us do that.
  • Who can use STYLE Options?
    For 2023-24 we are supporting secondary school pupils over the age of 16, who live in Clackmannanshire or Stirlingshire.
  • What if I can’t afford a ticket to the Prom?
    We might be able to help with the cost of your Prom ticket, just select the relevant box on the Appointment Information Form and we can chat about it at your appointment
  • How much do I have to pay?
    There is no charge for your outfit, but we would be happy to accept a donation to help running costs if you able to do so. But there is no expectation or obligation, STYLE Options is free for you to use.
  • What do I do if my outfit gets damaged or dirty?
    That’s not a problem, just follow the return instructions which will be in the bag you received your outfit in and we will sort that out.
  • When can I pick my outfit up?
    You can take it away on the day of your appointment or arrange a different day closer to your event date if that suits you better.
  • When do I have to return it?
    It would great to get it back, please return it by 14 days after your prom. Instructions for this will be in your outfit bag.
  • How can I donate some funding to Style Options.
    Simply go to Style Options - JustGiving and select Donate
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